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Viper Winch Mount - Polaris Sportsman
Viper Winch Mount - Polaris Sportsman
Viper Winch Mount - Polaris Sportsman
Viper Winch Mount - Polaris Sportsman

Viper Winch Mount - Polaris Sportsman

Item #: or-1090
Brand: Viper
Year and Model: 
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- Part # MA11603 ONLY works with Viper Classic and Viper Max 2000 - 3000 lb. winches. The 3000 lb. winches are a bit larger than the space between the headlights and require some trimming of the plastic housing.
- Part # MA11604, Viper Classic 2500 - 4000 lb. winches, Viper Max 2000 - 3000 lb. winches and Midnight 3000 lb. winches will not fit due to terminals interfering with the radiator. This mount will NOT work with the Glacier 2 Polaris Plow.
- Part # MA11606, Viper Max 3500 - 5000 lb. and Viper Midnight Series 3500 - 4500 lb. winches can be installed on this ATV, but trimming of the housing (1/4" on each side) is required and the freespool knob will only be accessible by 1 finger.
- On part # MA11609, ONLY the Viper Max 3500 - 5000 lb. winches, Viper Midnight 3500 - 4500 lb. winch and Viper Elite 2500 - 5000 lb. winches work. Cables need to be centered on the winch to work correctly with this mount plate
- Fits all Viper Winches with a standard spool.
- Picture above may not be exactly the same, it depends on the model purchased.

Applicability: Polaris Sportsman (See options above)

Our VIPER winch mounts are laser cut and shaped to exacting specifications. By utilizing state of the art computerized equipment we provide a precise and custom fit for your ATV / UTV / SxS. Winch mount plates are also designed to utilize the strength of your ATV / UTV / SxS's frame to optimize winching efficiency.
  • Standard spool 4 bolt mounting pattern of 3" x 4.88"
  • Black industrial powder coat finish
  • Includes mounting hardware and detailed instructions
  • Laser cut
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